Co-Curricular Activities




1. What are the co-curricular activities at Sanskar International School?
Co-curricular activities form a vital part of every child’s  learning process at Sanskar International School for the next academic year, the  following activities are planned:
Music (guitar, table, harmonium, drums) and Dance Studio

Art studio (drawing, sketching, sculpture and painting)    
Clubs and societies (quiz, science, computer, robotics, nature, social activities, NCC, dramatics, sculpture, movies) Inter house and Inter school competitions  for dramatics, music,dance,
elocution, debating, quizzing, spelling bee, essay/story writing, painting and sports. Excursions and trips Martial arts and yoga training.
2. Are there any sports coaching facilities available at Sanskar International School?
Yes. We have hired qualified coaches, who mentor and develop the students in various games/ sports based on expressed interest.
3. What are the indoor and outdoor sports/ games facilities at 
Sanskar International School?
By the beginning of the next academic session, facilities for the following games and sports are planned to be offered:
Indoor games and sports:Table tennis, Caroms, Chess, Skating, Swimming.
Outdoor games and sports: Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis (both clay and synthetic), Basketball  
(synthetic), Cricket,Football and Hockey. In addition, there will also be a toddler’s pool and Play Station for the children belonging to lower primary classes.

4. Are any trips, tours being organized at Sanskar International School?

Yes. Regular tours and trips will be organized for the children across all classes to ensure that active learning happens continuously.

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