Our Pillars


The Pillars which support all our endeavors at Sanskar International School are : 




Research shows that teachers are the most important in-school factor in a child's education; that is why it is our top most priority is to ensure that we have the best teachers. Not only do we ensure we recruit the most able candidates through a rigorous selection process, we invest thoroughly in training and development programs for our teachers to ensure that their professional and personal growth receives continuous attention.


Partnership with parents is a key element in our vision of delivering the best and most innovative practices in education. Their feedback and participation adds more positive value to our existence as an institution. 


Cutting edge technological educational programs and innovations form an important component of the learning medium to help children and teachers learn better. We constantly strive to leverage our background in technology, to ensure that technological intervention is in tune with the needs of tomorrow.


A strong value driven culture is imbibed by our members of the staff and student body alike. Our Core Values govern and reflect in all our actions, and act as lamps that illuminate up the road to excellence.


The school program aims to develop children by giving them the opportunity to discover their unique aptitudes and skills in junior and middle school and hone these abilities in high school. The curriculum lays emphasis on emotional and social learning programs as well as academic ones so that children develop strength of character, ethical values and life skills to augment their academic learning.



"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. ~ William Shedo "