Role Of Parents







- To become familiar with the school philosophy, rules, expectations for students by reading student/parent handbook(ALMANAC).
- To support the school discipline program by teaching the school rules to their children at home.
- To hold high expectations for their children, both academically and socially, and share their expectations with their children.
- To teach the value of good discipline by setting rules and limits at home.
- To maintain regular communication with the school through formal and informal conferences 
with teachers and to be willing and  available to discuss problems as they arise.
- To talk positively about your child’s school and teacher.
- To be prepared to assist teachers if your child begins to behave inappropriately.



 We believe parents are partners in our learning community. We like to involve our parents in the daily life of the School.
Our parent population is extremely rich in experience and culture and we recognize that students benefit greatly from this. We  welcome and encourage parents’ inputs.

 Ways in which you can participate are :

- Give a PPT presentation related to the unit.
- Demonstrate your special talent in Art & Craft/ Music/ Dance/ Drama/ Puppet Show/ Poem  Recitation and Story telling.
- Organise field trips and social events.
- Organise Cookery Classes.
- Share your career experience with students.
- Help out in the Library.


Parent Teacher Meetings at SIS are organized to discuss and reflect the learning process of each individual child. We organize the following :

- Unit reflection days to observe how children understand the concepts and reflect their skills.
- Student conferences where students take you through their portfolio and explain the journey of their learning.
- Exhibitions to showcase their talent.
- Report card is given twice a year which reflects the progress of each and every aspect of the child.

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