Seven Petal Curriculum

Our curriculum is built to give every Sanskar International School student the ability to:

- Think critically
- Work in teams
- Be creative
- Collaborate with others
- Make global connections

Each child is unique. Our curriculum design takes note of it and adapts itself to the specific needs of a child. While in the primary school, a child is given the environment to help understand the world around him better, the same child is made discover unique aptitudes and skills in junior and middle school. These abilities are honed throughout the time spent in the middle and high school.

We make children understand concepts by providing an inquiry based and experiential module of learning. Constructivism is at the heart of knowledge delivery at Sankar International School. Emphasis is placed on learning by asking questions, problem solving and through application. This is reinforced through curriculum related trips, workshops, seminars and films, for we firmly believe that the frontiers of education are not restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Authentic experiences and real life examples are embedded into the syllabi in all the domains allowing for deep learning and engaging classrooms.

Our curriculum stands on a broad base of understanding a child’s psychological, emotional, intellectual and social needs. An attempt to nurture all these aspects is made at our school, at the same time helping develop cognitive




It focus to make a child aware of himself and their environment. it is designed to help child develop:
- Independence
- Safety
- Hygiene
- Self help skills

It helps to develop Communication skills, expression, presentation skills, creating a rich language environment to develop literacy skills through:
- Story telling
- Picture reading
- identifying letters & words

Focuses on Information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skills, language learning (for brain development):
- Learning
- Counting
- Understanding
- problem solving
- Logical reasoning
- Remembering
- Drawing conclusions
Focuses on Physical & handling skills:
- Stencils
- Clay modeling
- Lacing boards
- Coloring
- Writing
To move whole body and develop love for sports and physical activities. We perform:
- Walking
- Running
- Balancing
- Crawling
- Jumping
- Throwing
- Catching
To nurture latent talent in every child by:
- Dance
- Singing
- Drawing
- Painting
- Creating
- Tell stories
- Act play
- Sports & games
To built positive relationship with family, friends, facilitators, neighbors and other people in circle. They teach emotional and social skills to build values of
- Friendship
- Caring
- Sharing
- Compassion through classroom conversations, discussions, role playing, stage exposure


"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. ~ William Shedo "